Music Production

Bespoke music and in-house catalogs

With more than 25 years of music creation experience, our music producers are capable to create the widest variety of styles or music. Our team is classically trained, experimental and forward thinking at the same time. 

Don’t need bespoke production? perhaps our in-house music catalogs can help you, as they cover all needs and feature a wide variety of moods and styles.

All our music creations are professionally mixed and mastered by industry standards, or your needs.

Sample Pack Creation

Inspiring a generation of music producers

We own some of the highest rated independent sample pack catalogs worldwide, which are trusted by thousands of music producers daily. We cover all EDM styles, Cinematic music packs, gaming music for game development studios and more.

Sound Design

Music or FX for games, movies and metaverses

With over 25 years of professional sound design under our belt, we are up for any task, no matter how crazy. Robot fight scenes? UI sounds? Leave it to us. All sounds can be live recorded in our foley studio or can be synthetically created with our various hard and software in our studios.

Tech and Software

Music AI systems and software

Created in-house by Founder Patrik Gudev and populated with an advanced tagged instrument and drum database, our music AI creates high quality music in all styles we program it in.

It is operated by our musical Revo savants to ensure top quality outcomes and is capable of generating music autonomously in a scalable manner that fits your project needs.